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  1. Well, the game didn't end the way I wanted, but one thing is for sure... We get on Quantum in 4 hours!
  2. Looking forward to our trip. We land in Newark on Friday around 515 local time and will take a car to our hotel near Times Square. We were fortunate to get a good price at the Crowne Plaza must be the time of the year. Anyone have any suggestions of pubs or bars to watch the Super Bowl at? Hoping my Seahawks repeat!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to our trip. Hopefully there are some reviews shortly specificly detailing quantum child services!
  4. Hi. I posted something similar on cruise critic, but also thought to speak to this great community as well. I have a young child who will be 22 months old when we travel on Quantum Feb 2nd. I am wondering what people's experiences are like with the baby sitting and care services provided by RCCL either on Quantum or other ships? We are nervous about child care particularly with private in room care. We are a bit more ok with larger group care in a more public setting. Do they do night time group care as well? Any thoughts and details would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Geoff
  5. I am pretty excited by the wave pool in the h2o zone on the Quantum of the seas. My daughter is going to love it! I might have to get a sneak in there as well, you know, to make sure she's having fun and all that... You can see an image on the RCCL website here, click Dreamworks Experience - http://www.royalcaribbean.com/quantumoftheseas/quantum-experiences/
  6. Feb2 2015 - quantum for me to eastern Caribbean ! Can't wait!
  7. Do you think there will be more interesting announcements or news about the Quantum of the Seas? I feel like we're missing some information or more details, But I can't exactly pin point what else they should announce!
  8. I'll be on the Quantum this coming Feb2015. Very excited to do an 11 night Eastern Caribbean. My wife and I will be with our nearly 2yo daughter and my mom and husband and father-in-law and gf are coming too. A real cross family trip, 2 sets of grandparents for our daughter :) How will the cruise be for our little one? All reading I've done says it'll be fun. What excursions are generally more family appropriate ? What are you most excited for on the Quantum? For me, it's Wonderland, the live music venue and the two70. Thx in advance!
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