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  1. Thanks all for the helpful information. We live in NE CT only about 1.5 hours from the port in Boston so we are not dealing with taxis and the airport. We are just going to have our son pick us up. Looks like we'll plan to have him there around 10am. I appreciate all the help. Tom
  2. Another newbie question here. We are planning to have a family member pick us up after the Serenade of the Seas arrives in Boston on Sunday October 9th. My itinerary states the ship will arrive in Boston at 7am. If we just take our time and "go with the flow" when should we expect to be off the ship? We are in no rush, so is there a certain time that everyone needs to be off the ship? Any thoughts will be appreciated. Tom
  3. I do realize that most of the people who review are the people just looking to complain about everything so I do take that into consideration. Thanks everyone for the input I really appreciate it. We are typically campers on our vacations so no matter what being on any ship will be a huge change for us. We have never had anyone serve us, wait on us or even make the bed. For 7 nights we'll probably feel like royalty. 11 days until we cruise and we can't wait.
  4. My wife and I are taking our first ever cruise for our 20th anniversary. It's the Canada/NE cruise out of Boston embarking on October 2nd. We are extremely excited to take our first cruise but I have read a few reviews of the "Serenade" that were not very flattering. Many saying the ship is in desperate need of a refresh. Has anyone been on this ship lately that can give a current and honest review? How about must see's and do's aboard the ship? Is there anything we should avoid as newbies? Thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions. Tom
  5. My wife and I were a little bummed out yesterday. We are taking the "Lobster Boat Experience" excursion on October 4th. However, we booked a tour with the local company Acadia Park Tours in the morning and the lobster boat in the afternoon. Well, Royal Caribbean switched us to the morning trip and now we can't fit the Acadia tour into our day. Not very happy as the local tour looked much better than the RCCL tour. But what can you do? Can't risk missing the boat when it pulls out of Bar Harbor. Tom :(
  6. Hi Folks, My wife and I are taking our first cruise ever on October 2, 2016. We will be on the Serenade of the Seas for the New England/Canada cruise. My question is... if I want a close approximation of the activities while on the ship, is it more accurate to view the latest Cruise Compass for the ship or the latest Cruise Compass for the most recent New England/Canada cruise? Thanks in advance, Tom
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