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  1. Thank you for the feedback! I'm a vegetarian as well & that's one of my big worries about the whole trip. I'd love to hear your advice about how not to subsist on salads, pastas, & side dishes for the whole cruise! Then again, coconuts filled with rum don't sound too bad... ;-)
  2. My husband & I are hoping to go snorkeling in Belize on our cruise in a few weeks but I can't decide which snorkeling option is the best & the website/reviews very vague & not any help. I've called but no one can tell me anything more either & I'm not getting a response from my e-mail they suggested I sent to the Shore Excursions department. Have any of you been on the "Barrier reef snorkel & island getaway" or the "Barrier reef snorkeling wonders" excursions? They sound pretty similar other than one has a "complementary" drink. Are they both to the same place, & if not, which would offer a better experience? Since this is literally a once in a lifetime trip, I'd like to go to the best place, but it seems like these are the only options through RCCL & from what I've read, it's best to go with their excursions from Belize because of the tendering schedule. Any recommendations are much appreciated. Thank you! :-)
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