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  1. When we booked on the cruise the paperwork given to us was in pounds sterling. It was when I logged on to the website to view the final balance due that I saw the balance due had increased by £700 since we booked it as I compared it to the original paperwork. I can only assume that Brexit may have played a part in this - possibly with embarkation and disembarkation taxes within Europe increasing since booking. I don't really know and have no idea how these things work. The T's and C's do say they can levy a surcharge and so from the comments above, it sounds like my situation is unusual. We have booked direct - maybe if we'd used a travel agent then it would have been different.
  2. Hi there. So, my family and I sailed on the Navigator last August for our first ever cruise. It was a last minute booking and seemed to be a very competitive price. By the time we were a couple of days in to the cruise we completely fell in love with the experience and we were so swept up in it all we booked our next cruise whilst on board to take advantage of the special offers. We were due to sail again this August and had been putting money aside to pay for it by the final payment date, however, last week we found the price had gone up by £700 since we booked on board last year. The price quoted for this year's cruise was slightly above our budget as it was but we cannot stretch to another £700 so unfortunately we've had to cancel and we're gutted. I understand the price fluctuates but what prompts it? I don't know about in other countries but here in the UK once you book a holiday that requires flights, that's it. It's a set price and you know where you stand. We all loved our cruise holiday so much but if prices can increase by nearly £1000 in only 8 months, and that's common, it's unlikely we'll ever cruise again unless we pay the whole total on booking. Is that what people normally do? Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi LeedsLass. You've absolutely nothing to worry about. I booked the Navigator as a first time cruiser and then started reading the reviews. Some of them are really terrible and I was going to cancel despite losing money on it. I was really worried but I decided to go anyway and it was one of the BEST holidays we've ever had. We only got back on Sunday and I am still going on about how good it was to anyone that will listen! I have written a review on CruiseCritic if you want to look at it. Have a fab time - I've no doubt that you will.
  4. Thanks guys. We sail on Sunday and I just wanted to look at the excursions again to see if anything else appealed but it just won't load no matter what I do. Oh well, I guess it means my money stays in my account longer than it does in theirs :)
  5. Is anyone else having trouble with the RC website? For the last couple of days I've tried to look on cruise planner and every time I go on to a page within it, it's just hanging. It's really frustrating. Also, just to mention I'm in the UK in case it's only UK users.
  6. I'm in the UK and work in human resources. In this month's trade magazine for HR professionals there is a double page spread article on Royal Carribean's HR team and the part they played in getting Harmony of the Seas ready with a team. It's a great behind the scenes article. It's an interesting read if you're able to track it down. The magazine is called People Management.
  7. Thank you! I did think they meant some sort of monitoring surveillance. I thought it was odd. Duh!
  8. It says it on the deck plan. We're on deck 2. The following link should show the deck plan. http://www.royalcaribbean.co.uk/pdf/navigator_v2015_apr.pdf
  9. Hey everyone. I'm sure this is a stupid question but....... where it says all rooms have CCTV what does this mean??? Where is the CCTV? I'm sure no one will be spying on us but what is it there for? Is it actually in the room? Sorry for all the questions!
  10. Hi everyone. A newbie cruiser here so please bear with me! I'm going on my first cruise with the Navigator in August and have been looking at the speciality dining options. I'd be grateful if someone could answer the following questions for me. Thanks. :) 1) Is the Chops Grille price for 3 courses? Should I expect any extra costs on top of the price I reserve at? (I'm prepaid on gratuities and will be buying a drinks package at some point before I board) 2) I understand there is a Johnny Rockets on board but I can't see anywhere to reserve. What's the deal with Johnny Rockets? Any other tips would be very welcome. :)
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