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  1. I was wondering the same thing. I'm on Harmony end of May and have a 3 meal package. I want to go to Wonderland but on the the online planner they only seem to have space on 2 specific days left. Should book Wonderland separately now and cancel once on board if they have more availability or just 'chance it' and hope that the've held some resevation back?
  2. ***UPDATE*** My premium packages has gone down £38.82 all in now, it's not 20% off but at least it gone down to close to what it was before, and the Zoom has about 16 different package options but the total price seems to be right now
  3. I wasn't told this was a 'glitch' just that they would look into it. I found this info on the drinks package comparison page. $49 plus gratuity is the regular price I found for the premium package and the price i was quoted when I rang RC. So at that price and conversation comes to £39.73 so how is the new price £42.70 with 20% off. I believe this is classed as false advertising and maybe Trading Standards/Advertising Authority need to be involved
  4. Glad someone else has noticed Will do, they have said they will get back within a week
  5. Actually the UK price are near enough the same as the US prices after the conversion. But that's not what I'm querying. The problem is the price on the website don't make sense. i.e. Yesterday the Premium package was £39.90(tips and tax included) Today the Premium package is £42.70(tips and tax included) but this is with a supposedly 20% discount which if that was the case would make this £51.24 which is £4.64 more expensive than the Ultimate package at £46.60(tips and tax included) Also there is no proof anywhere on the website what the 'original' price was that they are offering 20% off of? So how do you you even know you're getting 20% off???
  6. Oh sorry wasn't sure how much info you needed and would it make any difference if I bought them now or a few days before? I had actually spoken to RC some weeks earlier as the UK drinks package were more than the US advertised packaged(after conversion) and was told that tax and gratuities were include in the UK packages that was why(generally tax is included here in the uk). Just checking again right now and they are offering the 20% discount on the Premier drinks package at £42.70 and the Ultimate drinks package for £46.90 without a discount, so on that calculation the Premier Package would be more expensive than the Ultimate. I have now spoken to some else in customer service and they are looking into it, they said I am not the only person to call and query the prices. So hopefully something will be sorted out
  7. I am newbie cruiser and I can't for a second work out how th RC website prices work. I am traveling from the UK on the Harmony Of The Seas. Yesterday the drinks packages were where for instants: The premium package was £39.90 per day per person, today they are advertising 20% off but they have put the prices up. So how is that 20% off???? This is the same with all the packages. Also when you go to book Voom packages again for instants: they are offering 30% off, but when you click on say one device package(£6.99 per day) the total comes to £53.46 which is £4.53 more than it should be. SO where are the savings?
  8. I'm on the Harmony on the 29th May so in 33 days time and i still can't book any entertainment. Have been told by the company it's because it's a new ship and schedule hasn't been finalised
  9. Thanks for clearing that up
  10. I am looking at the different wifi packages offered and see that on my cruise(Harmony) they are offering buy one get the other half price. Are they likely to offer this deal on board as well. It pretty expensive for 7 days(£15.75 per day) but seeing as the first day I will be docked in the UK for most of it and it's technically it's not even a full day. Would I be better to wait till I'm on board to buy it after we sailed?
  11. Well I've been given a new stateroom that doesn't have a connecting door, doesn't seem to be near any noisy areas. and is aft of the ship. I just asked mt TA if they had any other rooms I can't complain too much as an airline employee I got the cruise for about a 3rd of the normal price
  12. It's a bit strange how the only negative point you raised about a person you had mention the colour of his skin.
  13. Thanks guys for the reply. We went with the connecting room option. I didn't want to hear pool chairs and parties going on at 4am. We didn't have much choice over being in the guaranteed section. I work for an airline and got the room at a massive discount. So was just happy that I got an ocean view balcony.
  14. Hi I'm new to cruising and I've booked a guaranteed room on the Harmony of the Seas. I've now been allocated a room but it's got a connecting door. I have asked if there is any other rooms and have been offered a room on the the 14 deck without a connecting door but I believe the 14th deck is right bellow the pool deck. Is this correct? Also if you had to choose a room out of the 2 which one would you pick? Thanks in advance
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