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  1. Hello Mason I actually post a Monthly list of Cruisers here in the "Periscope Peeps" Forum, and between this month, and Oct, I have Cruisers on all those ships. A very nice Gentleman named Dirk, is on Navigator Presently. If you have a smart phone, you could install the Periscope App. Here is the Link for that. https://www.periscope.tv/#share I also have a Periscope Facebook Group, with over 500 members. I am sure would not be too hard to find Cruisers, going on those ships in there as well. I post the monthly List there too, here in the link for the Facebook Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/rcperiscopers/ Hope that helps, good Luck. 😊
  2. This is FABULOUS!!!! Thank You very Much Rick, for taking this on!!! This is very good Contribution, and Bentifical to the RC Blog Family!!!!!!
  3. I agree 100 %, this is a Wonderful Site!!! I think if there is anything you want to know about Royal Caribbean Ships, and what to expect when you are on them, this is the Best place to come. Matt does a wonderful Job, to try and cover all Basis, with his Posts here, podcasts, live Blog's, Periscope, Facebook live, and Facebook Blog Page.We have the Most helpful, Friendly, members here as well. Many people, help make this the Great site that it is, with helping answer Questions, and making you feel like you are Family!!! I think your Wife will Love Cruising, and you both will have the Time of your Lives!!! You will do Great with Periscope!!! You will see that it is so much FUN to share your Cruising Experience with Others!!! I look forward to your Scopes, and happy to have you here with our Wonderful, Royal Caribbean Blog Family!!!!!
  4. Day 3 Key West Fl 8-4-16 Today I was up by 7:00am, and on the First 8:00am shuttle downtown to catch the Arrival of Enchantment of the Seas with Periscope, arriving into Key West. First stop however, was STARBUCKS!! After getting my Grande White Chocolate Mocha, I made my Way to Pier B. For those that watched, or will watch my Scope, I must Apologize for the shaking at the Start of the Scope, was very hard to Contain my Excitement of Seeing the Enchantment of the Seas pulling into Key West. Thank You to Matt Hochberg for giving me Key West Cruise Ship Link, so I could Find out exactly what Ships would be in port During my Stay in Key West. I also want to thank Emmy Schaffer for helping me figure out, what time Enchantment would Arrive in port. The Enchantment was the very First Cruise I ever took, so she Definetly holds a special place in my Heart as my Favorite Ship. Enchantment is not the Biggest or the Smallest, but has a lot to offer!!! After Periscoping The Enchantment of the Seas for well over 30 mins, I made my way back to my Hotel, to Check on Hubby, and Daughter. At 3:00pm We made our way back into Town for our Snorkle Excursion. Thankfully the Enchantment of the Seas was still in Port. There is several companies that offer water Excursion activities. We chose to go with Fury Water Sports. There were several times, and packages to choose from. We picked the Rum and Reggae Sunset Snorkle. All Drinks were included, however the Rum Punch was just Ok. I think, I caught a Great Sunset this Evening from our Fury Snorkle Boat!!! After our Snorkle adventure. We were on the Hunt for a great place to have a nice Steak Dinner. We ended up Finding a place called the Boat House, which was located 2 blocks from Green Street. Right near the Conch House seafood Restaurant. Our Dinner was a little Pricey, but very Good!!! After Dinner we got back on the Shuttle to head back to the Hotel. I think this evening I felt more tired than I have any other evening. It must have showed on my face as well, when I got off the Shuttle a woman said to me "Long Day? You look Tired" lol!!! Tomorrow morning One more attraction, then heading home!!
  5. Day 2 Key West Fl 8/3/16 Today we decided to take it easy in the morning and Sleep in. We had Breakfast in the Room. 12:00 we made our Way Downstairs to catch the Hotel Shuttle into town. Once in town, we had Trollley Tickets to go all around town, hopping off and on as we saw something we wanted to do. We stayed on the trolley for one complete loop, to get all of the history chat about Key West. For the second loop, we decided to get off at the Butterfly exhibit. It was very reasonably priced. $12.00 per Adult $8.00 for Childern I think. We got the Military Discount of $9.00 per Adult. Next Stop was, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaviile. Had a great Snack, of Guac and Chips, with also Conch Fritters, while we watched and listened to Jimmy Buffet Music. I of course got a T-Shirt from the Margaritaviile Store, as well as a free Glass Margaritaviile tumbler, Shuttie Driver had coupons for various of things!!! We hopped back on the Trolley to go to a Beach, that we saw on our first loop around. Was called Higgins Beach. It was just ok. There was not really anything there to see, as far as snorkeling in the water, and was very Shallow. Thankfully my Daughter and I were smart enough to have on our water Shoes we had purchased at Divers Direct. Getting into the water Was somewhat treterous, as there was many Rocks!! We only stayed there about 45 mins. It was now about 4:30, we hopped back on the trolley to go back to Stop #1 to make our way to Mallory Square once again to try and Capture the Legendary Key West Sunsets!!! This is also my Daughter's Favorite place to go in Key West, as she loves environment, and the Street Performers!!!! We did manage to catch some colors in the Sky, but still partially blocked by the Clouds. After the Sun went Down, we headed back to the hotel to relax, and get a good nights rest for the Next Day!!! Matt Hochberg gave me the Link for the Key West Cruise Ship info, as far as what Cruise Ships will be in port on what Days. My very First Cruise Ship, that I ever Stepped on, will be here in Key West Tomorrow 8/4/16, Enchantment of the Seas!!!! You can bet I will be there to Periscope her Arrival!!!
  6. If you do Drive Down, I would HIGHLY recommend stopping at Robbie's Dock!!!!! Great Place to have Lunch, and feed the Tarpon!!!! http://www.robbies.com/
  7. Day 1, Key West Fl, 8/2/16 Hey all Thought I would give a little review of each of my Days here in Key West, since our Lovely Royal Caribbean Ships happen to Visit this location. One Advantage with this Land vacation, Vs Cruise Ship. I have time to see many things over several Days, vs 1 Day from a Cruise Ship. (Still would rather be on a Cruise though) (shhh don't tell my Husband) 😮 We are staying at the Doubletree Hilton, Grand Key Resort. Hubby got a fairly good deal with Priceline. We started out this morning to look for a good place to Grab Breakfast, since there is no Windjammer or solarium bistro here. We Drove our own Car to venture out. First stop was a Ihop near the Hotel. We walked in and thought wow it is very hot in here. The waitress proceeded to tell us that there was no AC. We made the decsion to search elsewhere to have Breakfast, which suited my Daughter just fine, since she is a vegan, and not a lot on their menu for that lifestyle choice of diet. Our next stop was a Denny's Downtown, on Duval Street. Had a great Breakfast. Spotted one of the Key West Roosters after Breakfast. He was so very Cute!!! Next stop the Navy Base MWR ITT office(Place to get Discounted Attraction Tickets, at a Military Rate) We know we want to snorkle, so purchased a snorkle excursion for Thursday,(Weather looks good that day)for $30.00 a person. Next on and off trolley tickets, for $16.00 per person, good for two full Days. We will use that Wednesday & Thursday. Next we headed to base Exchange and Commasary to get essentials while we are here in Key West(like water proof Case for my IPhone, so I can Periscope from the water. VERY IMPORANT!!! 😉 Headed back to hotel for a rest. After a little rest at the Hotel, at about 3pm, we decided to take advantage of the Free Shuttle, the hotel offers, to go back into Town. Parking in town in very Difficult to find, and Expensive!!! Usually $4.00 a hr, to park Downtown. Being that we are major Cat lovers, seeing the Earnest Hemmingway house, and Cats, was a must Do!!! It was very Hot walk to get there, from the Shuttie drop off point, about .08 of a mile walk, but well worth it!!!! Very informative. I do recommend seeing this if you come here on a Cruise. Next we walked to the Southern most point in the Continental USA, was 'cool to see that. It was still very hot, it was a mile walk back, to where we wanted to be, we decided to hire a Pedi Cab, bartered to take us where we wanted to go, for $25.00, which I was thankful, along with Hubby, that we did not have to walk a mile back in the Heat. It was close to Dinner time. Having watched Michael Pooles Periscope's, and Live Blog, when he was on the Brillance of the seas, when it came to Key West, I knew Exactly where I wanted to go..... SLOPPY JOES, of Course!!! Great live music, and I had a sloppy Joe, was very Yummy! Next was trip to Ron Jon Surf Shop!! I am a major Fan of the Ron Jon surf Shops. I never miss a oppturnity to visit one, if there is one, where I happen to be!!! Next Stop was Mallory Square, to see the Street performers, and catch the Sunset for a scope. The Street performers were Awesome!!! The Sunset was a bust this evening, storms were moving in. I got what I could. My husband and I both Agreed, going back each evening, until we get the Right sunset for pictures, and a Scope. We made it back to the Shuttle pickup point in just the Nick of time, before the Rain Down pour got us. We still got wet, but not as bad, if we had to walk back in the rain. We are back in our comfy Hotel, tomorrow most likely sleeping in, and later on Beach Trip, and going back downtown for more exploring of Key West. I would have included some pictures in this review, but unfortunately, when I tried to attach them to post. stated they could not be uploaded, because the files were too large. 😞 I did some Periscoping today as well, and if you did not catch them live, you can watch the replays. Periscope name, cruisingkat.
  8. Hello Wilson That sucks that you had poor Service. They should always provide excellent service, especially with a all inclusive resort. We had a great time at Mr Sancho's!!! The Service was Great at Mr Sancho's, but the Wifi there was Bad as well. I think I managed to scope for just a few mins. Might be a area problem, not sure if others have had success with the Wifi in these locations.
  9. Most hotels have a parking pass and a daily fee, for the guests that are staying at the hotel. Considering that I'm only two hours away from Port Canaveral, a hotel stay is not really in our plans. Thank you for responding though. I've gotten some really good feedback. 😊
  10. I am going on a 4 Day on Majesty of the Seas, on 9-26-16 taking my Friend for her Very First Cruise Ever.Leaving hubby's, and Kids at home. I have never been on Majesty, so very Excited!!!
  11. I just did a scope Near Mayport on Friday. I was spending the Day at the Beach, at Hugenot Memorial Park, which is very Close to Mayport Navy Base. Got a shot of one of the Navy Ships on my Scope.I was also a HM3 when I got out. I got out, to be a Mom! 😉
  12. Maybe you were thinking about Tampa? That is where my Brother, who IS in the Air Force, was stationed at MacDill AFB. 😉
  13. LOL Good Guess, and So Close Bill, I am a former Navy Corspman, and a Army Wife. 😜
  14. Thank You Bill!!! I have more important things with that extra money, that I'll be saving to spend it on, like lava flows!!!!
  15. Thank You very Much Arebee!!! 😊 I only live about two hours away from Port Canaveral, so we will be arriving on the day of the cruise.
  16. Hello All With my next cruise being 100 days away, I need some advice as far as different options of where to park my POV when I go on majesty of the seas, that leaves out of Port Canaveral? I'm trying to find better options, then parking at the port. I would be paying about $80 to park at the port, for my four day cruise. Thanks in Advance!!!!
  17. I got a lovely parting gift this morning when I Woke up on Allure, a Chest Cold/bronchitis. 😢 so feel really Cruddy!!! As soon as I feel better here in a few days, hopefully will post the Daily reviews for the remaining Days I have missed. Thank You again for Following me!! I look forward to follow whoever wants to periscope from their Cruise!!!!
  18. Hello Matt, Most Definetly worth the Price. I think it is actually really good alternative, to those that don't have the means to pay for the beach cabana, which they have increased the price extremely!!!
  19. Day 3 Live Review from Allure of the Seas. Today we were in Labadee Haiti. I tried to get up early enough to catch the Sunrise. No such luck, as by 6:45, the sun was very well up into the Sky. Considering that I am writing this review at 1:00am, pretty sure I won't be up early enough to catch it tomorrow either. I will shoot for Thursday Morning. When I did get up, I made my way up to the Decks to Scope Our Approach into Labadee Haiti. It was extremely windy, so I decided to scope from the Solarium to help cut down on the Wind Noise. I could See Mountains Haiti in the Distance with Clouds on the very top of the Mountain. I managed to catch the Ship's Horn Sound on the Scopes. The First one, scared the daylights out of me as I was not expecting that. The next short 3 blasts did not startle me as much. I decided to have Breakfast, in the wind Jammer, as were meeting another Couple from our group in there. After Breakfast, My Husband and I headed over to Haiti, at about 11:30. It was Extremely Hot, I think at least 90 Degrees. For the Beaches in Haiti, I had Reserved a clamshell beach lounger for two, for the Price of $35 for my husband and myself, that was a great deal!!! I did have the Suggested Drink "The Labadoozie" it was YUMMY!!!! We only ended up staying about 2 hours. We were back on board by 1:30. My Husband and myself decided we wanted to spend the Rest of the Afternoon in the pools on the ship. After we jumped into the pool for a few. We decided to then go to the hot Tup over the water, that is right outside of the Solarium, for Sail Away from Labadee Haiti. It was very nice experience, the water is not too hot!!! For Dinner we decided to Skip the MDR dinner and do our own thing. We decided to eat at Johnny Rockets for Dinner. It is very reasonably priced, $6.95 per person. They bring you onion Rings, and Fries. They have a selection of Burgers, or Chicken sandwiches to choose from, and GREAT milk Shakes!!! After Dinner, we had reservations to see the comedy Show. They had the opening comedian who was from Florida, and the Main Comedian. Unfortunately I do not remember their Names, but I can Definitely say, the opening Comedian was better, and made me laugh more!!! After the Comedy show, we went into the Amber Theater, to watch the Love And Marriage Show. There was a couple on their honeymoon, married 3 Days. A Couple that was Married for 29 Years. And then a Couple that was married for 60 years. It was very Funny, as the couple that was married 29 years and, when asked about ex Girlfriends, the Wife asked Tim, the Cruise Director, what about Baby Mamma's? Let's just say poor Tim the CD had his hands full with that Couple. The Couple that was married for 60 years took away first place, with matching the most correct answers. After that is was almost midnight, and I am not a good night owl, I turned in for the night. Tomorrow we are in Falmouth Jamica. We are planing on hanging out in Margaritaville, and doing some souvenir shopping.
  20. Day 2 Allure of the Seas. I had a great Day today. I woke up at 7:00 am. My first stop of the Day was Starbucks!!!! Next I headed up to the Sports deck to do some Periscoping, of the pools, and the Flow Rider. I absolutely loved watching the people on the flow rider, it's so fascinating to me, to see people learn how to surf, with the flow rider. I could scope that for many hours!!! 😉 At 9:30am, I attended the meet and mingle. We had 135 people signe up, and about 70 came, that was pretty good. At 11:00 was the Slot pull. Each person put in $15, and we each got three spins on a slot machine. Any winnings would be divided equally between all of the people that participated. We ended up winning back half the amount that we put in which was not too bad, I did not expect when anything actually. I have not really ever had much luck in a casino, but I also do not have a lot of experience either. I Finally got to meet Celisse who is my Fellow Roll Call Friend, and Periscoper. After those two events, it was time for lunch. On previous periscopes I have heard all about the park café roast beef sandwich, so I knew that's what I wanted to try for lunch today. I think it was Michael Poole, that first recommended the roast beef sandwich to me, and I have to agree, that it was one of the best roast beef sandwiches I've ever had!!! After lunch I do a little bit more Periscoping from Central Park, then it was time for the cabin crawl. I thought this would be a good opportunity to periscope be cabin tour of the rooms of different types of cabins. It was a little challenging however for me to periscope, as I had a hard time being focused as far as what information I needed to say about the cabins, it was very distracting because there was a lot of people in the cabin crawl. The largest cabin on the tour was supposed to be a royal family suite, however the couple that signed up their cabin for the royal family suite decided to pull out and did not answer the door, or they were not in their Cabin. when we came to do the cabin tour. I think out of all of the cabins that were on the tour today, the most impressive was the Aqua Suite on the aft of the Ship, as Nick pointed out, it is a Sky Class Suite. The last cabin on the tour, was a Junior suite, handicap accessible cabin. I unfortunately was having some technical issues with Periscope freezing and lagging with the location of that Cabin. I am hoping there was enough there see you could get an idea of what the room looked like. This evening was Formal night. It was a lot of fun to see everyone dressed up, as I love dressing up as well when given the opportunity. After dinner, we previously reserved to see the oceanAria Show. If you go on Allure, I would highly suggest you reserve, and see the show, it was wonderful!!!! Sorry that I could not Scope this show, there is regulations with the copyright laws that her prohibit any video recording of the show, even though I have seen some periscoper's scope the shows, from their aqua Suite balconies I did not want to break the rules, as there was a gentleman walking, around making sure anybody in the audience below was not video recording the show. It was a couple that was sitting next to us that was pushing their luck with video recording the show. Tomorrow we are in port at Labadee Haiti. I plan on being up early to try to catch the sunrise, as well as Allure pulling into the port. I will have to look at my data useage, to see if I can periscope from the beaches on Haiti. I will be bringing my snorkel gear, and I have reserved one of the clamshell loungers for myself my husband Dirk. Thank you again everyone for following me along here, and periscope, as I appreciate the support very much. I enjoy sharing my experience on Allure, with all of you. 😊
  21. Last Part Three First Day on Allure of the seas. It was about 5:30, so we started getting ready for dinner in the MDR. Our Dinner seating time was 6:00pm. It was very good, we have a female waitress, she is very nice. I forgot where she's from at the moment, but I will find out tomorrow. I chose for a starter, shrimp cocktail, for the main course, I really wanted a slow roasted prime rib. I also had a baked potato. For the desert, I had a blueberry and peach, crumbled dessert, with vanilla ice cream on top. After dinner, we headed to the boardwalk/promenade deck, where I proceeded to periscope some of that as a rising tide bar was just coming down. That is so cool to me, that there's a bar that goes up-and-down, while you are there with your friends/Family having Cocktails!!! I FINALLY... Had my first Drink on the Ship after Dinner. I took Matt's recommendation, and had the lava flow. It was very yummy!!! I am now relaxing in my cabin, as I feel like I've had a long day since I did not sleep very well last night from the excitement of my cruise today. I think my husband Dirk, is somewhere downstairs looking for his drinking buddy, that can be very dangerous, we shall see. I look forward to a fun day at sea tomorrow many activities planned, the meet and mingle, a slot pull, and then a cabin crawl. I will look and see on the cruise compass, what other activities I can join in During the Day. I do have a show booked tomorrow night, I will have to look at my schedule to see what it is. Thank you again for following me, here and on periscope.
  22. Part Two First Day of Allure. When we finally get on the Ship, It was a little bit of a Crowded mess trying to get around. Many people headed straight for the elevators, so I Avoided that at all Cost. We were told, because of the cleaning, we would not be able to enter our cabins until 2 PM. So we found an area at the champagne bar, just to sit down, and cool our heals a little bit. At 2 PM we finally get in our cabin, I am was happy to drop off my carry-on bags and my signs, as trying to carry two bags, and two signs, on a crowded ship was very cumbersome. From the Cabin it was time to find some lunch. With all the reviews, and watching Periscope's, from other members of Royal Caribbean blog recommendations, I avoided the Windjammer like a plague!!! We headed up to the solarium bistro, and found it to be not so crowded. I had my selection of different things I enjoyed this seafood pilaf, a salad, and a bean medley. I wanted to head back up to my cabin, to see if my bags were there, and try to get a little unpacking done,before the Muster drill, as the time I knew it was supposed to be at 3:30. The time 3:30 came and went. I heard over the announcement system at the Muster drill would start in 30 minutes, this was at 4 o'clock. I was thinking to myself, surely they will not take off from the port until after the Muster drill, Boy was I wrong!!! I was sitting in the silk dining room watching the presetation of what to do in a emergency, and watching Billy's periscope from the jetty rocks, I don't see Allure moving as of yet on his scope, I'm thinking to myself, I hope they finish this Muster Drill soon, so I can get up to my cabin for sail away, so I can wave to Port Everglades cam, Billy, and Emmy, from my Balcony. As I'm sitting at a table in the dining room, I see the ship moving, and my heart sinks!!! That is when I realize there is no way I'm gonna be able to get up to my cabin by the time Allure passes the point where the cam is, along with Billy, and Emmy. When I finally do get up to my cabin, I have a total meltdown!!! We are long gone from the Jettys!!! I try not to get too emotional, as I know I am on a cruise, but I was so disappointed, that I had put so much effort with being able to say hi to my new friends I had made on the Blog.com from Allure of the Seas. I spend MANY previous Sundays watching Billy's periscopes of Allure going out, and it was finally MY TURN!!! All those previous sailings went out without a hitch, why did mine have to be boggled? So sitting there in my cabin, with Dissapoint at what just happened, Matt Came on with his daily Periscope, and thank you very much for your kind words Matt, and everyone, trying to get me to calm down, and I did it help me feeling sad. Now, I know, I'm definitely going to have to join in a group cruise, sometime next year, I'm not sure which one I will try to get on, but I am going to try to get on one of them. Because you are all wonderful people. (Sorry, when I am posting the pictures to the live blog, they are turning out to be sideways) 😕
  23. Hi all, Review of my First Day on Allure. Started off with waking up in the Hotel, at 6am. I had a wake up call set for 7am. We got breakfast At the Hyatt. It was ok. I think I was not able to eat Very much because of my Excitment about getting on allure today. We Board the Hotel Shuttle promptly at 9:45am, and The Shuttle headed for the port, at 10:00am. When we arrived at the port, around 10:15am, it was a very smooth Process outside. The Porters took our Checked Bags, and I tipped him Accordingly for having 4 Checked bags. I think I gave Him $7.00 I would like to think, because I did that, my Baggage was taken care of. (If it actually was, I will never Know, but nothing got smashed or broken in my Luggage) and I did receive it in my Cabin before 4pm(more on that later) We entered the Terminal we checked in, and got our Sea Pass Card. We received a letter at check in. We were told. It would Be 1:00 before we were allowed to board. Thankfully We were able to board at 12:15.
  24. Hi all, Review of my First Day on Allure. Started off with waking up in the Hotel, at 6am. I had a wake up call set for 7am. We got breakfast At the Hyatt. It was ok. I think I was not able to eat Very much because of my Excitment about getting on allure today. We Board the Hotel Shuttle promptly at 9:45am, and The Shuttle headed for the port, at 10:00am. When we arrived at the port, around 10:15am, it was a very smooth Process outside. The Porters took our Checked Bags, and I tipped him Accordingly for having 4 Checked bags. I think I gave Him $7.00 I would like to think, because I did that, my Baggage was taken care of. (If it actually was, I will never Know, but nothing got smashed or broken in my Luggage) and I did receive it in my Cabin before 4pm(more on that later) We entered the Terminal we checked in, and got our Sea Pass Card. We received a letter at check in. We were told. It would Be 1:00 before we were allowed to board. Thankfully We were able to board at 12:15.
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