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  1. I was on this ship this week......free booze? No - only for 1 hour on Monday. snacks? 2 small cans of pringles and 2 snickers bars because nothing operated from 3pm until the next morning at 9am. Full refund and future discount - no they didn't owe us anything but I feel they are covering up something and are making this offer to get ahead of it. Media reaction is extreme - but the ride Sunday night was also extreme and should not have happened. They could have delayed the cruise 1 day.
  2. We are on the 6 Feb 2016 Anthem sailing. Our dining shows dynamic dining. I called and they said we would get our rotation list when we get on board. We want to book the Chops Grille but we do not know what night to book it. Help! This is our first time on RCCL - but not our first cruise.
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