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  1. I booked a cruise on Royal Caribbean as a gift for my granddaughter's Sweet 16. I was booking online. I had a question so I called the company directly while I was online. My question was answered and the gentleman I was talking to said he could finish the booking for me. I told him that I was being offered a couple of $50 bonuses while booking online. He told me it would be the same if he did it for me. Well, that didn't happen. I paid in full for the cruise and the gratuities. I booked excursions for both of us in each port. I called RC twice and got the run around both times. The second man I spoke to told me that there probably was a price change while I was talking to the man, on the phone, who was doing the booking for me. He said they never know when the prices will change. None of this made sense to me and had nothing to do with my problem. Today I called the corporate offices and told the same thing to a woman there who went on to discuss it with her supervisor. I was told that once the cruise is paid for there can not be any credits given. I said it was an error on their part, not mine and she pretty much said tough luck. So I am out 2 different bonuses and a $200 credit for signing up for a RC Visa card. This offer was a sales pitch when I was online attempting to book. It said I would get a $200 credit off the cruise if I applied. Well, the card only arrived 3 days ago, way too late to book this cruise. I wasn't able to use this new card when I booked because I had to wait to be approved and didn't have an account number yet. So, I feel I've been cheated of $300 by RC. This is my 5th cruise with RC and sadly, it is my last. I will also be canceling the credit card as well because it can't be used for the purpose I applied for it in the first place.
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