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  1. Hi all, Hoping for some guidance from recent Royal Caribbean cruisers as my wife and I will sail on Explorer of the Seas this Saturday. My understanding is that Covid vaccinations are no longer required, nor are negative COVID tests for cruises 9 days and under. I keep seeing pop-ups online and notes in various places (including the sailing checklist recently received) reminding us to upload our vaccination documents. We’re both vaxxed so no problem uploading but I can’t find anywhere to do so. I know protocols have changed quickly but it’s concerning to continue to be reminded to upload docs when I can’t find a place to do so and don’t believe it is still necessary. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Hello everyone, We’re first time Royal Caribbean cruisers after numerous cruises on Carnival and other lines. I’m looking for guidance on attire in the MDR. Many comments recently have stated that Formal Nights have been watered down to “Dress your Best” or “Dress for Success”. Meanwhile on prior cruises (other lines) casual night typically looked down upon blue jeans. I’ve always opted for khakis or casual slacks. Now as I look through the cruise app (we sail this weekend) I see Formal Night described as truly formal (“Best black-tie look – suits and ties, tuxedos, cocktail dresses, evening gowns”). Meanwhile for casual nights state “Jeans, polo shirts, sundresses and blouses are fine”. I’m puzzled because “formal night” seems more elevated than I expected while casual night seems much more relaxed than I’ve seen on other lines. Appreciate any suggestions. I’m sure we’ll see a broad range but we don’t want to be over or under dressed. Thanks in advance!!
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