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  1. #1 is through Southwest, #2 through American. Leaving from DCA. American has several other non-stop flights to MCO that same morning- I'm assuming they can rebook me on one of those if they cancel the Melbourne one? I will get travel insurance for the whole thing (flights/car/hotels/cruise).
  2. We are a family of 4 booked on the Wonder, December 24, 2022 leaving from Port Canaveral. I know it is safest to fly the day before but unfortunately we don't have that option as my husband must work the 23 until 6 pm and we wouldn't make it to the airport on time for any available flight after that. So our options are: 1) Fly to Orlando nonstop, arriving at 9:45 am: $260 p/p ($1,040 total) -Pros: more transportation options, more flight options if anything happens 2) Fly to Melbourne nonstop, arriving at 11:15 am: $195 p/p ($780 total) -Pros: very small airport so we would be out fast. Flight is cheaper, direct and first in the morning so hopefully no issues? Any other things I should keep in mind when making this decision? What would you do? I'm leaning towards #2
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