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  1. Looking forward to cruising. We are taking a family trip. I'm traveling with my husband and 5 year old girl and meeting my sisters with their kids and my parents. We hope everyone will have a great time!
  2. I noticed that arrival day was the cheapest when I looked. I booked a couple massage hot stone for my sister and I for arrival day. They are a lot more expensive then would be at home, but it is something special for us to share since we live in different states. I just got the shortest length of 50 min to save time, but you definitely get more time for your money if you do longer ones if you look at the amount per minute. It looks like bundles save more like if you get 3 blowout hair package for example. While sailing they have special discounts for the slots they can't fill which is usually port days. I've had a pedicure on a cruise before and I felt like it didn't feel more special so getting nails done before sailing is probably a good idea and enjoying a fancier treatment or sauna package on board. Some people get updos for the formal nights. I don't because I like to swim and have fun, so it is better for me to just bring a curling iron if I want to dress my hair up to curl my curls into looking more ringlet. Straightening my hair doesn't make sense with all the humidity during a caribbean cruise and all the water fun.
  3. I did a dolphin encounter a couple years ago with my sister from a Royal Caribbean cruise on one of our island stops (not sure which one) with one of the cruise excursions. They wouldn't let you take your own photos and charged a fortune to buy their's. You can haggle them down a lot and still very expensive. So we enjoyed the dolphin part of it, but not the buying expensive photos part so this time we are doing different excursions. Also the actual amount of time each person gets is very small.
  4. When will entertainment reservations be available on Royal Caribbean cruises for this Fall? The FAQ on the Royal Caribbean says at least 3 months in advance, but we are only just over 2 months away (but 72 days). The cruise is paid for and the cruise planner says to check back. Thanks!
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