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  1. My wife and I have been looking in to planning our first cruise and I am a little confused on pricing. My issue is why I would pay full price for a third or fourth passenger. It appears to me when adding 4 people to a balcony room the full rate is paid for all passengers. If I wanted to get a suite, as the price goes up so does rate for passenger 3 + 4. So then the confusion, why would I put passenger 3 and 4 in my cabin versus just booking them their own inside cabin. I can always move them in to my cabin when onboard if I want. But basically the price for 2 passengers in a inside cabin is far cheaper then the coat for a third or fourth passenger in a suite or even a balcony. So my work around appears to be to book the cabin I want for 2 guest, and book all extra passengers in inside cabins. Even if my room sleeps 4 or 6. This doesn’t seem to make sense, or am I missing something? Oh all passengers are adults. Thank you for all the help.
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