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  1. Yes, that's a thought, we can ask them for a ride, but the distance looks short, and if we walk, we can control our schedule better. My plan is to do the same thing on the way back also, after finishing the cruise, to walk back to the car rental, rather than depending on someone for a short shuttle. From Google Street View Images, the area on SE 17th street and Eisenhower blvd looks fairly safe, but Google Images stops at the "Welcome to Port Everglades" security gate. Anyone familiar with the inside, walking down Eisenhower? Also, how will I know (when will they tell us) exactly which terminal our ship will be at? Thanks, Jon
  2. Hi, we're taking the Independence of the Seas on Feb 13 out of Port Everglades. The map shows a Budget car rental close by: Fort Lauderdale Quay - F07, 1515 SE 17th Street Causeway So we're planning to return the car there, and walk to our ship. Is this doable? From the map, the distances all look pretty close by, but I just want to make sure. Thanks, Jon
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