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  1. I am a travel agent and we got a notice from Royal Caribbean about the engine concerns. Each port has been dropped by 1 hour and no stopping in Endicott Arm & Dames Glacier. They are offering 50$ for inside cabins, $100. for balcony and $200 for suites. (big deal) My clients booked a whale watching tour in Juneau which was cancelled. We are looking for a family of 4 or 5 who would like to share a private whale watching boat out of Juneau. It would be $700 which is half of the private tour. The company is Harv and Marv Whale Watching. Look them up! This is for the AUGUST 29th sailing and the whale watching will be on SEPTEMBER 2nd 10:30 am. 4 1/2 hours Three hours on water! If interested please send an Email to [email protected] ASAP. Thank you and enjoy your cruise!
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