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  1. So, I will be in Europe for the trip later this yr, and i was wondering, out of Naples, La Spezia, Marseille & Palma Which one can i skip the guided tour? (As In go on my own). Which one are must with guided tour? (Third Party Excursion, any recommendation?) Which one can i skip guided as well as going on my own? (To enjoy the cruise.) Any help would be appreciated. My Background - I am def a history buff, and really looking forward for Naples due to Pompeii & La Spezia for Leaning tower, i am not sure whats there for me in Palma & Merseille, but i am also travelling with 10 more people, actually total 3 families, age ranging from 11 to 62. Any suggestion or questions are welcome.
  2. I will be doing this same day and trip, maybe if stars allign, will wish u on cruise personally :)
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