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  1. Great thanks yes just a flight from Barcelona into Manchester uk. I was hoping to be off at 9 at latest and straight to airport. By looking online though it says a self checkout you have to wait for a disembark time can you request an early time? Thanks again x
  2. Hi We are on the Symphony of the Seas August 2023. I’m looking to book flights. There is one back to the UK at 12.30pm would this give us enough time to disembark and get to the airport? Many thanks xx
  3. Hi does this mean this cruise will not become available again direct through royal Caribbean? I am booked on a cruise but I want to change to this one so stuck with them? Thanks x
  4. I phoned a travel agent today and they said all brilliance med cruises for next July/august are sold out?? When I was looking the other night there was lots of options for cabins on all dates. Surely that’s not right!
  5. I was looking at a western med on the brilliance the other day and have gone to book today and isn’t there
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