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  1. I purchased the 3 Night Dining Package. How do I make reservations in the Cruise Planner ahead of time and apply the dining package to the reservation? When I go to make a reservation, it's charging me the full price of the restaurants. Am I unable to make reservations ahead of time with a dining package?
  2. We have never been on any of the Oasis Class ships before and this was a trip we were supposed to take in April 2020... so we're really looking forward to it!
  3. @JC PatsThank you for that info! That makes me feel a little better at least.
  4. Thanks all. In looking at insurance plans and the Covered Reasons, like @AspiringCruisePlanner said, it seems they mostly only cover you if there is a carrier delay due to weather or mechanical issue. I did find one with $1,000 per person missed connection coverage. That would almost cover the cruise (but not the excursions or add ons like the beverage package I bought!). I will check out Allianz just in case. I have already booked my flight and didn't use Air2Sea. I will keep that in mind, however I also read that Royal Caribbean doesn't let you join the cruise at a later port due to health protocols on the embarkation day. So, pray for me!
  5. With all the airline cancellations lately, I am wondering if anyone can recommend a travel insurance company that might reimburse me for the cruise if by chance my flight is delayed/cancelled and I can't board the boat. I'm unable to fly in a day early due to other obligations.
  6. My husband and I will be on Harmony July 10th! Leaving from Hartford CT. We have been to St. Thomas and St. Kitts and loved it. We are going on the 5 Star Island Tour, Magen's Bay and shopping excursion in St. Thomas and the Day Trip to Nevis in St. Kitts.
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