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  1. If you don't purchase a plan, is there any wifi available?
  2. We are sailing out of Miami and flying into Fort Lauderdale the day before. I am wondering if there are hotels that shuttle from Fort Lauderdale to Miami? We board the next day in the afternoon. -gl
  3. My wife and I are heading on our first cruise in May (Symphony of the seas). I had a couple of questions come up... Luggage: Is there a luggage size/amount limit? We have two carryons and one large checked bag. I assume we can take these on, but something I read in the check in process made me wonder. Boarding/'un'boarding: If we are all checked in online, how long does the initial boarding take? The bigger question is when we arrive at different ports. Is it a long process to leave the ship once it arrives? Just trying to plan excursions and not sure how to time them. Thanks! -gl
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