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  1. Nelz: I think you inadvertantly asked your question inside this thread and you may want to start a new topic so people will be able to more easlily see your post answer your question.
  2. Yes, it is the 11/1 cruise and what you say makes sense. Thanks everyone for the replies! Very much appreciated!
  3. I checked in to my cruise a few minutes after midnight last night on the first day of check in. I was surprised to find the earliest check in was 2:30 instead of the 11-11:30 I was expecting. It is for Liberty of Seas sailing from Fort Lauderdale at the beginning of November. It is only a 3 day cruise so getting on board in the morning can add a lot to the cruise enjoyment factor! Any hope that earlier times might become available later? Would it make a difference if I called Royal Caribbean do you think? It is an unique cruise, in that it is the only 3 day "weekend" cruise that is actually sailing on week days that I have noticed. Thanks!
  4. Hi! (First time cruiser - I have learned a lot here so thanks for that!) Our cruise is in a few weeks and I would like to gift a member of our group an onboard massage that would enable them to pick the day and time once they are onboard. I cannot see an option for this on Royal Caribbean's cruise planner. Does anyone know whether I will be able to get one once our cruise has started? Thanks!
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