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  1. Just got through US preclearance at Dublin Airport. Awaiting our flight to Charlotte to connect for Miami!
  2. Yes we are a little concerned about the weather. Travelling from Ireland you would think we are used to rain but a little sunshine would be great!! Lets hope it improves in the next few days !
  3. Have you received this by way of OBC?
  4. Hi, Sailing on Allure May 14th. My sister has a FCC from a cancelled sailing a while back during the height of covid. We were speaking yesterday and she asked if she could transfer her FCC to me as OBC as a gift. I'm not sure if Royal would allow such a thing. She's not planning on using the FCC due to having booked another holiday. Anyone any ideas if this is something Royal would allow? Thanks
  5. My wife and I on our delayed honeymoon!! @Dona Holt great surname!!!
  6. Hi, i am due to travel on Allure for my honeymoon on 14th May from Florida. Can anyone give info on what UK/Ireland based tests are accepted by RC prior to sailing? We arrive in Florida late in the evening on 13th May so i don't think getting a test there is an option. Thanks in advance
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