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  1. We've been to GC several times and this would've been our first time in Bonaire so a little disappointed with the change. @Papamillz2 you're correct we are still on the cruise so still counting the days can't wait to be onboard
  2. Received an email today of an itinerary change. Bonaire is off the itinerary and replaced by Grand Cayman. Definitely not looking forward to Grand Cayman. No longer an ABC Islands Itinerary. I wonder what caused the change.
  3. @Pooch I'll definitely report back. Same here we booked to bank some points. Trying to get to Diamond by end of year.
  4. Hi all, the hubby and I will be celebrating our anniversary on this sailing. Looking forward to meeting up.
  5. We are booked on Explorer May 14th just got off Oasis March 14th sailing. I'm sure we'll miss some of the updates & restaurants and the hubby loved Central Park, but looking forward to the itinerary. Booked in a Jr Ste for now trying to Royal Up to see if we're lucky for our anniversary cruise.
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