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  1. I have cruised frequently before Covid. I remember that at breakfast and lunch time there was a buffet in the main dining room as well as table service. Is that still a thing post COVID? Also, is the windjammer still open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or only dinner? I'm finding the available information confusing.
  2. Oh my goodness! What happened? Did you have to cancel? Did you have to leave your kids behind? Thank you for the input! But now I have to know the rest of the story!!!
  3. If we board and sail on a Wednesday, and the PCR test must be done no more than 3 days BEFORE embarkation, what day should we get the test done? We don't want to pay ALL THE MONEY for a rapid PCR, so I need as much time as possible to allow for getting the test results back. It usually says 36-72 hours. That cuts it so close! TIA!
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