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  1. We wouldn’t dream of submitting forged documents. We’re vaccinated and boosted plus we’ve both had Covid. We actually managed to get proof, with batch numbers, minutes after the pier doors closed.
  2. You’re absolutely right about whose responsibility it was to check the card. However we were required to submit copies of our vaccination records during the pre booking process. I accidentally submitted a copy of my first shot twice stead of a copy of shot 1 and 2. Within an hour I received a call from RCL advising me of my mistake which I corrected immediately. My boarding was then approved and I was good to go. My husband provided copies of shot 1 and 2, shot 1 had the batch number shot 2 did not but RCL accepted it and approved his boarding. We have print outs from RCL stating our records were approved and we were good to board the ship. . When we got to the pier we were told we needed the batch number.
  3. We wouldn’t dream of trying to submit forged documents. We’re both fully vaccinated and boosted and we’ve both had Covid. We managed to get confirmation of all the shots emailed to us at the port. Unfortunately it was five minutes after they had closed the doors.
  4. We’re hoping for a cruise credit. With regard to the bag RC has no idea where it went after it enjoyed the cruise. And trying to get hold of anyone at RC involves 2 hours in the phone - 2 minutes to explain the issue and an hour and 58 minutes on hold while they try to find someone with analytical skills.
  5. Proof of my husbands second Moderna vaccine. My proof showed a batch number. His just showed the date he had the shot and where.
  6. We completed all the pre-boarding paperwork, Royal Caribbean approved it and confirmed we were cleared to board. When we got to the pier and provided the same information for visual checking they said it wasn’t adequate. We are now battling for a refund or cruise credit. However our bag was loaded onto the ship and they couldn’t get it back off in time before the ship left. Now the bag is lost and we can’t get any information. Any suggestions anyone?
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