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  1. On 2/25/2022 at 12:39 AM, lilybelle527 said:

    We will be sailing and can't wait! My entire family is coming- grandma, parents, siblings and their spouses, and my husband and I and our two year old son. We are embarking in Barcelona, I know some guests may be embarking in Rome as well. I'm really hoping my son can either be vaccinated or they will get rid of the requirment that you have to book a Royal excursion to disembark with unvaccinated little ones. There is no way my two year old will make it through some of those long excursions. We are from Salt Lake City! Who else is joining us and what are you most exciting for??

    So jealous. You will all love it. We did this cruise 2 weeks ago and we had a fabulous time . wonder of the seas is  amazing and is huge...  so much to do , shows were out of this world especially the aqua show and ice skating.  We couldn't fault anything.  Now looking what I can book next year.  Enjoy. 

  2. 41 minutes ago, Jason12 said:

    Mine and my sons all accepted but my wife’s jeez must have tried 30 times now all different documents but still not accepted 🤬 funny thing is it rejects it as soon as a submit new documents, I think something is broken 

    I tried an online chat with someone and they said they had got issues today which might be why you were having trouble. Can I ask what proof you submitted for your son .

  3. On 5/6/2022 at 6:45 PM, Mike.s said:

    We've used Boots before for a trip to Barbados and are using them again next week, £30 and results inside 20 minutes. Others are looking at using Lloyds pharmacy

    I've checked and boots by us doesn't do them typical. Was looking at lloyds but I have seen a copy of certificate and it doesn't have this CLIA number on it which is what royal caribbean are saying it has to show. 

  4. 4 hours ago, Siphie said:

    Sorry can’t help but can you tell me how you managed to download you and your husband vaccination records on the app. I’ve tried photos of the NHS record but nothing will get validated. 
    Haven’t even tried my 2 daughters yet (14/12) which are both fully vaccinated. Spent ages trying to get this sorted and I consider myself to be IT savvy 🤦‍♀️

    Its a nightmare isn't it.  For me and my husband I went into nhs app the health icon at the bottom and  then into check your covid vaccine record. I took a snapshot and then downloaded it.  I went to my gp this morning and got a print out of my daughters record so will see if they accept that.  Can I ask who you are getting antigen tests through. I've looked at lloyds but there isn't a CLIA number on it which royal caribbean are saying it has it have.

  5. Morning.  Can I please ask if anyone else from the UK has had trouble submitting their children's vaccination info on the checking in page. I have done mine and my husbands and that has been validated but keeps saying they can't validate my 14yr old.  She can't get vaccination record off nhs app as she isn't 16 so I sent them the information that is on travel pass which clearly states what she has had and when but their not accepting it.  Has anyone else had this problem, what information are you submitting for your over 12s. 

  6. We are boarding wonder of the seas on the 29th May from Barcelona and wondered if any uk guests have recently been on a royal caribbean cruise and if you have had an antigen test done at boots or if you are cruising in next couple of weeks where are you getting your tests done. Starting to stress about where to get tests done as want to make sure the certificate has all the information on it royal caribbean are stipulating.

  7. I am sailing on wonder of the seas in 85 days and have had numerous emails about pre booking shows on cruise planner but when I go into my cruise planner and entertainment it says no results found. I can see all cruise dates and itinerary of where we will be but no shows are showing for me to book. Is anyone else having this problem.  Emailed them 3 times and still waiting for reply. 

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