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  1. Thanks, I will call Air2Sea tomorrow. The Royal Caribbean website is very frustrating to use. It doesn’t exactly show you all the info you need to know.
  2. Hello, I've never cruised with Royal Caribbean before and I am set to sail Mariner of the Seas on January 24. I have cruised with Carnival a couple times but it's been a while. I booked the cruise myself and purchased a flight through the Air2Sea program upon booking. I saw something about a pickup to/from the airport included as an option when you book through Air2Sea, but I cannot find any clear details about it. I wasn't even presented with the option like the RC FAQs say upon booking. I'm not sure if it's an extra charge or included in my reservation. Glad to be aboard, CJ
  3. Excited. I will be on board as well. This will be my first cruise with Royal Caribbean.
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