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  1. We had a great experience on our first cruise. The ship was in good condition. The service was excellent and the food was great. The ship was about 90% full. Definitely would recommend this ship and itinerary for someone wanting to sample cruising. It gave us an appetite for more.
  2. KristiZ.... Thanks for the helpful information.
  3. Thank KristiZ. Any idea if the free session for suite guest is standard or something unique to your cruise. We are staying in a suite on this trip. The Black Friday sale lists the session with 5 photos on a USB stick for $165. As a first timer, I am trying to figure this all out.
  4. Hello, first time cruiser here. Does anyone know if the Private Photo Session is a per session or per person charge? I would be interested at per session rate but not per person. Thanks in advance.
  5. First time cruiser (well so long ago it does not count) here. Looking forward to tips and tricks from those more experienced than us. Birthday cruise for wife with kids and their families in separate cabins.
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