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  1. I've read the instructions of the RCL Binax at-home COVID pre-cruise tests, but the exact order of events is still a mystery to me. 

    Step 1: Order the Binax at-home COVID tests from the RCL/Optum/emed website

    Step 2: Wait for delivery in 2-4 days

    Step 3: Is a MYSTERY! How to SCHEDULE to get observed? When the tests arrive, do I schedule the date of when I'd like to be virtually observed??? Do I wait until the day I'd like to be observed before "calling" them?

    Step 4: Upload results and print them out to bring to port.

    Can you help with Step 3??

  2. My husband and I will be on this sailing. There is a large group of our friends - mostly all adults sailing without their kids - who talked us into booking this cruise. We've never been on this ship and the only other RCL cruise we have experienced was a 3-day sailing that was more than 18 years ago. We're in our 40s and celebrating 20 years of marriage. 

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