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  1. Hi all.. I have some questions from an RC newbie! I am booked on Mariner of the Seas on February 3, 2022 to Cococay and Cozumel. I’ve gone on another cruise before but never with RC so I had some things I wanted to ask. I apologize in advance if these are obvious questions but I figure they're things that veteran cruisers may already know but that us newcomers don't. I’ve heard conflicting things about when to arrive to port on embarkation day. I got info from RC that said they’d tell me a time to arrive and to not arrive earlier than that, because you won’t get to board early. But I’ve heard on the podcast and some other blog postings that say to arrive early (10-11am) and that you will usually be allowed to board early. Which is best? Splitting internet package over two devices… if I have an iPad and a cell phone, can I buy a single internet package (1 device) and just use internet on one device at a time? Or I definitely will need to pay for 2 devices? On a related note… Do most of you think “The Key” is worth it? I was thinking it might be, because we wanted to buy an internet package anyway and it’s about $10 more per day. But what do people think about the other benefits? I’ve been to all-inclusive resorts with a culture of people waking up very early in the AM to “reserve” chairs at the beach or pool – is this typically the culture on RC (on ship or on Cococay)? I know we all hate this, but I’m more wondering how common it has been in your experience and if I need to be mentally prepared for it. As a picky eater, how open is the main dining room to substitutions/special requests? I realize they’re probably preparing mass quantities of food and I’m a pain, but how taboo is it to order a dish without this or that? Last but not least.. does RC usually have a black Friday sale? I’m wondering if I should wait until then to book shore excursions and a drink plan. If I book a drink plan (or excursion) at a higher price and then the price drops, can I get an adjustment? Thanks in advance Appreciate any other tips or tricks or secrets that you want to share with a newcomer.
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