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  1. we just drove home! 12 hours to north carolina feeling like hell
  2. They confined us to our cabin until check out. We left the ship at 10 AM last off the ship.
  3. Hey everyone. Currently on allure i felt a bit ill last night so called down to the nurse who came up and swabbed me and the wife. Me positive, her negative. Sooo now we are sitting in the cabin waiting to be last off the ship. if anyone has questions of the process or just general questions about our trip i will try to answer.
  4. Cruise director announced a 1 day refund as on board cruise credit. Does anybody know the rules for st kitts?
  5. Captain just announced 27 crew 3 passengers with covid. Captain said this was over 1% of the ships capacity (which i was told was 4000 60% of the ship day 1) Denied access to st thomas overnighting st kitts instead. i thought st kitts had the same 1% rule as st thomas? will update doing some trivia in the on air
  6. Hello everyone. We are sailing on the 30th Allure sailing. We ordered 6 EMED at home testing kits through royal Caribbean. It says to either scan the QR code on the box or visit emed.com/FDA but through both avenues we are getting an Error from the website. Any ideas on why? is the website down or am i doing something wrong?
  7. Hey guys first time cruiser here. we are booked on allure 30th holiday cruise, hopefully it still sails, the covid situation is scaring us a bit we monitor our cruise alot since we booked it, and about 4 weeks ago it was fully sold out, it stayed that way until this week where 12 days prior to sailing so many cabins have opened up for sale. interior,ocean view and balconys. Any idea why this might be? if this isnt a normal thing to happen about 2 weeks prior to the cruise, i was wondering if theese would be the reason: - RCB inreasing the amount of people allowed on board and trying to get more peeps on the ship - Mass cancellations because of the new mask mandate? - Mass cancellations because of the current covid situation ramping up again? thankyou for your insights
  8. Hello there I have a general tipping question, i am from the UK our type of tipping works very different to the USA so im a bit confused whats expected of us. I paid the pre paid gratuitys, that covers the room attendant/bar staff/waiters if i am correct? On cococay we booked a floating cabana that we will apparently have an attendant to help us for the day, how much is normal to tip? If we get room service how much is considered acceptable? We just want to make sure we do the right thing and dont leave anybody short Thankyou!
  9. Woo they fixed it! We got ourselves a floating cabana on cococay, i have never cruised before i cant wait!
  10. We will be on it! they have all the cruise planner messed up at the moment since the itinery change
  11. St thomas still dont exist in the cruise planner, hopefully tomorrow.
  12. We called up again yesterday and got through to two incredibly rude gentlemen, which is abnormal as all of our previous dealings have been nothing but pleasant. We made the point that we are getting a little screwed as we cant take advantage of the black friday stuff, said we know its not his fault but im sure he can understand our frustration. Now he must have been having a bad day because he instantly went into a tirade of "its not our fault, we are just the ones who get shouted at and we cant do anything about it etc etc" To which i replied "sir do you feel like me or my wife have shouted at you about this because we've been nothing but cordial" Then he said he can put us through to the resolution center whatever that is and after we explained the situation, that guy said "well, it happens" after 5 seconds of silence i said "what happens?" he said "this stuff", i said "are you kidding me?" he said "its not just you thats having this issue" Thats when i got my jimmys russled a bit i explained that i understand things can go wrong and im not so self absorbed to think that me and our party of 5 are the only people that RCB are currently causing an inconvenience to and i am more than aware that RCB being unorganized is causing thousands of people to be in the same situation we are. I really really dont usually get heated with customer service representatives in any store or company, but that was a bit of a joke. I haven't sailed prior to this and my wife has never sailed with RCB before and usually people have been nothing but helpful but man was this the worst we have seen so far. Hopefully they can get this figured out soon.
  13. for sure, we are gonna cancel the excursion's. The problem is i am fairly certain you have to have an excursion booked before getting off the ship at some of theese places, and we have a month until embarkation and we have no idea what we are going to be doing on those port days. I cant believe RCB has let it get this unorganised and chaotic first time cruiser here maybe this shouldnt be suprising?
  14. Hello everybody. Me and my wife are booked on the Allure of the Seas leaving on the 30th of December for 9 nights. The original itinery was Day 2 and 3 : Cruise Day 4 : Barbados Day 5: St Kitts Day 6: St maartin Day 7: Antigua We got an email showing our itinery was changed to thi Day 2: Perfect day cococay Day 3: Cruise Day 4: Charlotte St Thomas Day 5: St kitts Day 6: San Juan Day 7: St maartin So on the website, we have an excursion booked still for day 4, which is under the St Thomas tab now, but it says its in st kitts..... and our barbados excusrions are falling under the St Kitts day.... and no new excursions have been put under those days at the new locations , and it is still offering excursions in barbados while we are in st kitts... The only excursions offered on our Perfect day at cococay is the deep sea diving course that was offered on the original cruising day on day 2. ill give you a screenshot here to show what im talking about as it is confusing. As you can see we are now in St thomas day 4, but still showing Excursions for St Kitts. This itineray changed about 10 days ago with no updates to the website on what actual excursions are available and no news on if we should cancel excursions. When we are called up we are told to wait a week for it to be updated, we waited 10 days, still no update, 30 days to go until embarkation. Anyone have any advice or experience with this? I feel like so many people are going to still have excursions booked without realizing its going to be unavailible.
  15. Hello there! Me and my wife are booked on the allure of the seas from december 30 for 9 nights. We are visiting. St Kitts. Barbados, Antiguia, St maartin. My wife read something that told us we couldn't leave our ship and go ashore to explore unless we book a shore excursion. Did my wife misread something or is that true? Cause if thats true we're in trouble most of the shore excursions are sold out. Also, if the shore excursion takes 4 hours do we only have those 4 hours on the shore?? Thankyou for the info.
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