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  1. I am a seasoned cruiser and booked directly with RC for a Junior suite. I called RC and had my cruise repriced for several hundred dollars less than I paid. I was told I would get a verification email within 14 days. Email never came. I called RC and spoke with an agent who confirmed my repriced amount and was told to just wait for it to go through their system. Repriced email not recieved. Another week goes by and I call again and was told the same thing. Another week I call and ask for my request to be moved up to higher staff for resolution. After 3 hours on the phone with RC they tell me they see my past calls and my cruise was repriced, but they have no record of what the repriced amount was. They refuse to give me any on board credit (I was told 3 different times I would get several hundred dollars as OBC). They just say sorry we can't look up the price of your cabin on any past date. I find that impossible to believe. I WILL NEVER BOOK OR SAIL WITH ROYAL AGAIN. They have lost a repeat customer over a mistake they made. Cruise with Confidence is a shame.
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