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  1. Hi, Sorry if this has already been answered but I couldn't find it. Does the staff that gets prepaid gratuities know that I've prepaid or not, prior to me disembarking? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi just wondering if I am allowed to bring a small electric desk fan? I get hot at night and love the noise to help me sleep. thanks in advance!
  3. I know that I can bring 12 cans of soda onto the ship. But can I bring a can or two of soda to the main dining room to have with dinner? If so will there be any surcharge?
  4. Hello, just wondering if I don’t have any drink package, what would a Coke a Cola cost me at lunch or dinner, or at the pool? thanks!
  5. Hi, 1st timer here. Going on Oasis in a few weeks. My question is, if I don't have any drink/refreshment package and go to Johnny Rockets and just want 1 milkshake. How much will that approx cost me? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, New to the board. Going on Oasis of the Seas in February 2022. I have 3 teenagers. We have discussed and decided that none of us need internet access for anything, email, surfing, streaming etc...., after all we are on vacation! However, if they need to get ahold of me, or I need to get ahold of them, texting seems to be the best way. Back in the day, I brought small walkie-talkies with me.....I know I'm dating myself. Go ahead and laugh! So my question is: Is the wifi for texting purposes free on the ship? I really don't want to spend $10 per person per day unless I have to. Thank you in advance
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