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  1. Yes, I was booked on the Nov 14th Explorer of the seas, in addition to the 3 ports listed above, St. Johns, Antigua was a 4th on the list that must have just been removed. The only other 2 ports we would get full access on our trip was St. Martin and St. Thomas, this is why I decided to cancel our trip and will book something next year with the credit. Instead I was able to make arrangements for a few days in Puerto Rico since I had airfare already booked and then a week at a resort in the Dominican Republic. I can see you are a very seasoned cruiser. This was our 1st and until I know how I will like it, didn't want to be stuck on the ship as much as it was seeming we would be until we know how we like it. This is the reason I booked the one I did with 7 day cruise stopping at different port everyday. I had also booked an inside cabin thinking we would only be on the ship each night getting off during the day. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the FCC credit issued? Just wanting to start looking at the next cruise. Will the internet and drink packages automatically get refunded? I submitted the cancellation via the online form. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice. I am still pretty much on the fence and I guess I have up to 48 hours before sailing to decide. Maybe the prearranged tours would be nice to do our 1st cruise. Most of them I would consider due to cost restraints are rather short though only maybe 2 to 4 hours so that still means chilling on the ship the rest of the day while in port, maybe there are things to do on the ship though as well. And yes, there is the non refundable airfare to consider unless I just stay in Puerto Rico the whole time I had originally planned the cruise which is also an option. Does anyone know how the future credit works? Is it 100% what I paid? I cant even remember how much it was as it was so long ago and don't see it listed in my account. Thinking maybe trade for an Alaska cruise next summer, always wanted to do that.
  3. In reading the sail safe requirements for my upcoming cruise on Nov 14 out of Puerto Rico on Explorer of the seas, if I understand it right, even though my wife and I are fully vaccinated, we will not be allowed to go ashore at 4 of the 6 port calls except as part of a shore excursion. Now I am trying to decide if I should cancel and rebook at a later time or push through anyway. This will be my 1st ever cruise but typically I enjoy exploring on my own so not sure if I will like being part of a group at most of these stops. What are others doing? Am I making a bigger deal out of this then it is?
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