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  1. We couldn’t book the beach club sadly it was sold out. Everything at coco is open, but nothing at port Canaveral yet. Also, but just an FYI the customer service guy at Royal Caribbean they told me that there will be no Key on this cruise. I’m kind of disappointed…. hopefully I’ll be able to check-in tomorrow. Lisa
  2. Hello! We are cruising on this cruise. I’m so excited! This will be our first Royal Caribbean cruise! We’ve actually already booked a b2b for May next year. i have. Couple of questions about this cruise. I am still unable to check in. My husband was able to check himself in, but it wouldn’t let him check me in. Has anyone else had an issue checking in? Also, we are unable to book any excursions. I had heard we were supposed to be able to book starting on October 15th. Does any one know? Thank you! Lshaw0517
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