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  1. My wife and I will be doing our !st B2B cruise on Odyssey of the Seas in March. Any information on how that works would be helpful. Do we report to a certain area while others disembark, will we have access to ship at this time, etc. Thank you in advance
  2. Good Day, The question I have is seeing as we are traveling with our 9 yr, grandson who is not vaccinated will we be able to book this excursion with him included? Or do we have to settle for the excursions that we can book thru Royal?
  3. Good morning we are traveling on Symphony 11/6/21 with our 9yr old grandson. we live in Mi. and he is in Fl. and will meet us day before. I am nervous about him getting his test results back in time so we can cruise. does anyone have any suggestions as to what is our best option for the quickest results Thank You
  4. Just joined the Blog so this question may have been asked before. We are sailing on Symphony of the Seas Nov. 6th. My question is will our Grandson be able to disembark without going on a RCCL excursion. so we roam the port freely. Thanks in advance
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