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  1. That was my thought as well. First time on RCL. And first cruise solo and first cruise at all in about 15 years. I’m just trying to meet other “like minded” folks. I’m not trying to find a love match that lives half-way around the country or the world. Just trying to meet new people. I’m not exactly sure how this makes me needy? (not that you said that). I appreciate all the advice that people have been giving me. I’m just trying to figure out what to expect! Thanks!
  2. Thank you. Contrary to popular belief. I was just looking for suggestions like this. I haven’t cruised in about 15 years, never solo and never on RCL. much appreciated
  3. Thank you. Contrary to popular belief. I was just looking for suggestions like this. I haven’t cruised in about 15 years, never solo and never on RCL.
  4. You are such a lovely person. With all the love in heart. If you didn’t have constructive info on the content of the post you didn’t need to insult me. And I have been taking the advice, like the cards you can fill out and having it posted on board. I asked if anyone knew anyone onboard to contact in regards to this. Now you are the one that has changed the purpose of this post. Happy cruising!
  5. I guess that just went over my head since I was talking about setting up more LGBT mix and mingle groups
  6. Oh thats so cool. So you fill them out and give them back to guest services and then how does the word get out, or do they post them somewhere?
  7. Yes I see them listed for my second sailing on Oasis. Jewel just happens to be a smaller ship. Thanks for the info!
  8. I do hope you are right. But the discrimination I have endured so far with my B2B cruises…I don’t hold out a lot of hope
  9. Well I highly doubt they are going to get rid of the DJ on the last night of the cruise
  10. But if it’s at the same time as other events in the same venue. Am I supposed to wear a sign saying what event I am thetr for.
  11. I am not sure if you guys remember me from my post that I was having all sorts of problems that led to some discrimination due to my sexual orientation. But, I was happy to see that the events and entertainment are starting to be posted on the app (not for reservations as of yet). What made me happy after all that I have gone thru to get on this cruise and deal with the terrible customer service that I have received, was they have a LGBT mix and mingle onboard. However, and this is where the disappointment comes in, it is on the last night in Vortex as 11:30pm and that same time and in the same venue as the DJ is supposed to start playing for the evening. Now I am not expecting to have 6 hours set aside to have a mix and mingle, but if Vortex is opening at 11;30pm for the dance party, however exactly is the LGBT mix and mingle supposed to happen at the same time. Do I need to wear a sign that says LGBT or do I walk around and ask everyone that walks in what event are they here from. To me is does not max a lot of sense. I was curious if there is an email address or anyone to contact onboard to possible set one up earlier in the cruise. It would be nice to meet one another when there is more than 6 hours of the cruise remaining when the vast majority of people will be sleeping.
  12. Yes. My screen shots cut it off. The soda. And the soda plus voom. The refreshment package and the coffee are the only things listed under that subject heading
  13. I appreciate all the help everyone. But at this point I’m just giving up. Calling them is always a nightmare. And so many things have been screwed up since I’ve booked. I’m still waiting on 5 different refunds from RCL. So probably not going to fork over more money to them right now. As I mentioned. My app lists a cruise I’m not even taking as my second back to back. So we will just have to wait until everything irons itself out.
  14. The last thing that shows is the cafe select coffee.
  15. Phone. Tablet. Laptop. And it looks like you even have the new verison of the cruise planner. I still have the old. Like I said. Anywhere I try to I can’t even access royal gifts as well.
  16. I know that’s what you said. But if you look at the pictures I just sent that’s all that’s on my page
  17. Mines list. Deluxe. Deluxe and voom. Refreshment. Classic soda. Classic soda and voom. And the last cafe select coffee card. but I’ve had nothing but problems with my planner and royal gifts paid since my booking. I have to call and wait on hold every time I want to change or cancel anything. but I do appreciate the help. My app. Still shows a cruise I a,m not even on. And doesn’t show a cruise I’m taking in dec
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