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  1. Very pleased with our assignment. We selected inside balcony and crossed our fingers hoping for Boadwalk. We got a boardwalk balcony middle of the Boardwalk.
  2. Hi. I viewed my set sail pass. It showed 10 but room was GTY. I went in a few days after my post and the room assignment was there
  3. Hi. We opted to let RC pick our room this time around. We know we will be on Deck 10 but no room number. Do we find out in advance or have to wait until embarkation? We are on Symphony Dec 3.
  4. Recommedations on port parking? We are going out of Miami on Sypmhony on Dec 3. Considering driving out instead of flying.
  5. Nevermind I found in the fine print that it is an at your leisure and not guided.
  6. Does anyone know if the Snorkle Excursion is just the cost of the rental or is this a group activity?
  7. Hi sorry. No I wasn't thinking of resale. I should've asked if anyone has photos to see if it is something we would be interested in. Some of the give away time listed are while we are in port.
  8. Was reading a Cruise Compass and saw there is a daily give away of charms from Michael Kors. Are they worth the daily trek to pick one up?
  9. Any feedback on Samba? I see a ton on everything but.... Has anyone tried it?
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