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  1. Thanks to everyone for the responses - its been helpful (and unusually for social media, everyone is in agreement ?) It seems fairly straightforward that she should keep the Diamond status (?) but have her own accumulated points (yes it wouldn't actually be enough for Diamond on her own, probably be ok for Platinum I think, but regardless as she will be considered Diamond) and then add to her points based on her future cruising - which in terms of CAS tiers, would be Diamond until she gets to Diamond Plus at 175 nights.
  2. Hi all, first post here. I have a question about teens CAS tier membership after an 18th birthday. My daughter currently has her own CAS number and holds the same CAS tier as us, she is 17. We’ll be hitting Diamond tier later this year after a cruise, and after this she turns 18, before we are sailing again next year. My question is what tier will she have after her 18th birthday (we are in UK so expect she’ll be considered Adult in her own right, however the sailing next year is actually out of Port Canaveral so not sure if this will be 21…?) Will she still be treated same tier as us her parents, or will she now have her own points? If the latter what points does she ‘inherit’ - ie our Diamond tier? Or is there a count back on actual points from her own sailings (a little less than ours as we have honeymoon and anniversary cruises without kids). Or does she start from scratch…?? All advice is most welcome.
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