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  1. Hello All, Well it was great to get out sailing! We ended up with only about 900 passengers with us on the Harmony I'm sure that will be a once in a lifetime experience. We enjoyed our time but as was expected it was a very different experience to preCovid. The onboard rules were masks in all indoor spaces unless sitting at the dining room or bar eating or drinking, but no masks in the outdoor spaces. Our Genie was limited to 15 minutes out of the day spent with us and no employees could come into your room while we were in it. We had a wonderful Genie but the empty ship and limited interaction took away from the normal experience. My opinion of the shows: There were no theater productions, the headliner musical acts were ok in my opinion, the ice skating show was very fun and the best show in my opinion, the aqua theater show was good, not as good as i have seen in the past but I'm sure as they sail and practice more it will get better. Per Italian rules the only wat to get off the boat in Italy was to purchase a ship tour, and as we found out they were very strict about not leaving the group, you could only shop at the one shop they took you to and could not wonder anywhere. I understand this is a rule in place from Italy but it defiantly took away from the experience.
  2. Has any one been able to bid on RoyalUp for this sailing? I keep trying and it will accept my reservation number or the system is not working properly.
  3. We were able to check in this morning as well, getting very excited now. i was not able to bid on a royal up, it just shows unavailable, but check in was the worry, so hopefully no worries now. See everyone in 10 days!!
  4. Hello, New to the boards, wondering if anyone else is on this cruise? Looking forward to the first cruise in 2 years!! Hoping it goes as planned as we can not check in yet.
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