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  1. I unfortunately will prob not be able to take advantage of the virtual balconies, on either ship I will go for an Econ room pref above deck 5. Some RCI reps have informed me of a few differences: Navigator no longer has Sorentos Pizza and instead has the Park Cafe. While I loved the Park Cafe on Allur, Sorentos was one of my fav places on the ship (and I have been hyping up pizza to my gf lol). Navigator also has heated, salt water pools while Independace has non-heated freshwater pools. Can anyone confirm these for me? Also where can you get pizza on Navigator now?
  2. Hello Everyone! I have been on four cruises with family: Navigator of the Seas in 2003, Freedom of the Seas in 2008, Liberty of the Seas in 2010, and finally Allure of the Seas in 2014. All of these have been with family (I am 23 years old, so the sailing on NotS was long ago), but i am planning on booking a cruise soon for me and my S/O. Cant afford to go on the Oasis Class unfortunately, so i am looking at 4-5 day cruises at the beginning of 2016 (or the end of 2015) on either Navigator or Independence. I am wondering what the current differences are between the Navigator and Ind
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