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  1. Eirc: We are likely to end up on the Explorer, but I was hoping to get a start point further south to get more islands and fewer days - and a newer, larger ship would be nice. Not to mention, as an anniversary cruise, we'd like to start in the same place again. It just seems odd that despite more ships, they are dumping San Juan as a origination port for the summer, and I'm done with the tradional east/west caribbean routes. Souther to Barbados or the ABCs would be ideal. But it seems at least for June 2022 that off the plate.
  2. So is summer 2022 set? Are there really no sailings from San Juan? Really wanted to do a southern caribbean... and apparently I'm the only person on earth who isn't excited about another visit to "perfect day".... Our group has been holding off booking in hopes of an itinerary that would be exciting for all...
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