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  1. We are first time cruisers on RC and have some questions about CoCoCay. 1. We are interested in renting one of those Beach Loungers, formerly cabanette (thank you Matt for the info on the Blog). Is the value there? I see they are $50/pp. 2. My husband is a runner and is wondering if there are any opportunities to put a 5-6 mile run together on the island? 3. If you have your own snorkeling equipment do you have to join one of the excursions or can you easily get out to do your own snorkeling? 4. What would be your must do? Thanks everyone! 18 days and counting!!
  2. So how do you do that? Get a table at the same time? Maybe I'm just confused, but this actually sounds pretty good to me. Do you make reservations in advance or on the day. I appreciate your feedback. Oh and it appears you are a gambler too.....how is that? We are gambler's too and am wondering how it works with money? Is it all on paper or are you handling real cash in the casino? Thanks for the feedback!
  3. First time RC cruiser. Have been on 1 Disney cruise prior. We are sailing on Freedom of the Seas in November. Loved the rotational dining on Disney. We initially signed up for the choice (My Time) dining but now are having second thoughts. Would love everyone's input on the pros/cons of each.
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