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  1. Yes, it is. It is 8 nights. This is the actual response from my TA " We did hear back, but unfortunately they cannot get you connecting cabins. We cannot do much with the bookings as they are still locked and will need to wait until any official changes have been made. They said, “I heard back from the Revenue Analyst. Unfortunately, he isn't able to open up any inventory on any 8-night sailings per the CDC guidelines.” I’m so sorry for all of the frustration caused and that we are not able to assist with this request. Would you like to request a refund or have us
  2. I wish it was that simple. The TA told me that there is nothing else they can do on their end due to the cruise itself being considered "closed". No connecting cabins for me or get my money back. So.. I am back to square one. TA has reached out to RC multiple times and same answer is given over and over again.
  3. Hello, I am in need of advice. We used FCC from a cruise that was suspended back on May 2020 and booked for July 2021 on Brilliance of the seas CONNECTING cabins. On October 2020 we were told by our travel agent that Brilliance of the Seas was no longer going to be doing the trip but not to worry because we were getting the bigger and better Independence of the Seas- same days and everything. I told my travel agent that as long we had CONNECTING cabins we would switch, no problem. Well, RC decided to give my connecting cabins away when they cancelled my reservation without letting me know or m
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