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  1. @jaullram Thank you for this information. We love wine experiences and this may be a great way to celebrate our Anniversary. DH (I think that stands for Dear Husband???) will absolutely love the private wine tasting. Even if I do have to pay for it in the end, I will definitely set this up with our Genie. Thanks again! Drew Drew & Rob
  2. I figured as much @WAAAYTOOObut a boy can dream LMAO. I think I have visions of genies granting my wishes, dancing in my head!!!
  3. I really appreciate this information! I am going to keep asking questions up until the actual cruise LOL. Buuuutttttt......I was so inspired by the live blogs I have read, that I have decided to create our own when it is closer to sail date. Another dining question while I am on the topic. Rob and I have done Chef's table once before (we paid for it). We like experiences and wine pairings, so it was great....However, I have heard that the menu does not rotate much. I would think it should but that is not my question per se. My question is three fold. 1) Am I correct in saying that the wine pairing is not included even with Star Class? 2) I think want to book Chef's Table for our anniversary dinner we are planning to celebrate on Valentine's Day. Since we are Star Class, do you think I could have enough "pull" to have a private Chef's Table just for the two of us (doubt it)? 3) Could they set up a Chef's Table experience in our suite? Maybe this is an excessive request but I wanted to see if any has coordinated something like this. I WISH IT WAS NOT 424 DAYS AWAY!!!! Drew Drew and Rob
  4. Hi again! I need opinions..... Photo Package? Yay or Nay? Thermal Suite Pass??? Yay or Nay? Spa Treatment on Royal??? Yay or nay?
  5. Thank you everyone? I am sorry for all the questions but I am a more well versed Celebrity Cruiser than Royal so I am somewhat of a novice here. I have seen a few people mention Facebook groups? which do you suggest? Is it a similar situation to CC roll call? @WAAAYTOOO @Lovetocruise2002 @Jax I have enjoyed reading your blogs! I need more material regarding star class lol. Drew Drew and Rob
  6. In your opinion, what are the top three things about Star Class?
  7. @WAAAYTOOO Thank you for the input regarding the suite! We stay out pretty late so I feel we should be ok based upon what you said in your blog. Your blog is such a great read, btw! LOL BTW, is anyone aware of a refit for Anthem? I read some things online but nothing concrete. Thank you! Drew
  8. Thank you all for your help!!! I know it is a while away but we are so needing to cruise again LOL. The research and discussions are keeping us excited LOL. We both work in healthcare so we are WAYYYYY overdue for a vacay. That is one of the main reasons we treated ourselves to a suite. We are in Grand Loft suite 8724 on the Anthem. Has anyone been in this suite? I have heard about some potential noise coming from Two70 but I would like to hear other's opinions on the room. Again, your input is so appreciated. We are glad to be new bloggers!!! Drew Drew and Rob from Delaware
  9. Hi everyone and happy holidays! We just signed up for this blog! My name is Drew. My husband Rob and I are big cruising fans and are doing more RCCL cruises as of late. We are big Celebrity fans but it is always fun to try different things! It’s still far out, but we are booked on the Anthem 9 Night February 11th cruise out of Cape Liberty. I am dying to know what blogger’s experiences are with star class. We booked a grand loft. What is the best part of a royal genie? How can that person make an anniversary celebration extra special? Any insider tips with Star Class? Thanks! Drew and Rob
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