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  1. Not sure if this has to do with just the sailings being released but thought I’d share
  2. Got it, maybe that’s where the 100 I have been seeing is coming from. I haven’t paid final payment yet so this would apply to me if it hasn’t changed. Thanks!
  3. If you cancel a non refundable deposit cruise do they keep the whole deposit or just $100 pp? I have seen both floating around and don’t know which is true.
  4. On my cruise planner I have access to buy from all of the categories except for entertainment. Is this normal? If so, when does that category become available?
  5. Good point. We booked the excursions we wanted already and had some extra money left in our budget so that’s why I was even considering it. We may just get one on land before we go! Thanks for the advice!
  6. I have never had a massage and was just looking at ways to splurge for my boyfriend and I!
  7. Anyone done this massage? Is it worth the price and how was your experience? We will be on allure if that helps
  8. Anyone ever done the Atlantis marine tour in Nassau? How was it?
  9. Anyone know if you and your partner ride the coaster together in the same cart do you just buy one ticket or get a ticket for each?
  10. @twangster got it, thanks so much!
  11. Does the deluxe drink package work on labadee as well or just cococay?
  12. Was told by RC that the charge to enter is a cover charge and needs to be paid by all who enter whether they eat or not. Just wanted to update you!
  13. Yea I figured the abuse of this type of request would be an obstacle. I couldn’t get him to eat any of it even if I begged him so that is not my intention at all. I will email them and find out, thank you!
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