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  1. I'm having trouble understanding how dining works on a Royal Caribbean cruise, specifically Oasis of the Seas. We're booked for 5:30pm traditional dining. Main dining room questions: The main dining room is really one large 3-story ro https://showbox.tools/ om, but there are 3 "main dining rooms", with one for traditional timing, one for my time, and one for walk-ins? Does the menu in the MDR change at all, or is it like going to the same restaurant 7 days in a row? https://speedtest.vet/ Is there a limit to the amount of food you can get? I know some stuff is an upcharge, but could we (group of 5) get like 12 appetizers and no main courses and 7 desserts and nobody cares, or is it pre-defined 1:1:1 type deal? What happens if one day we don't want to/can't go at 5:30, or aren't feeling hungry yet, or don't want to be bothered going? Do we have to call and cancel our time, or inform them in any way? General dining questions: Can you eat whenever you want, as much as you want, as often as you want? Like could I grab a hot dog from the boardwalk hotdog place every hour if I felt so inclined? Do I need a reservation to any of the other included places or are they just mostly walk up type things. Thanks for sticking with me to the end. Any answers or additional information is also appreciated.
  2. I’m planning a cruise to the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean. Is it better to plan a long cruise on an old, smaller ship, like Brilliance of the Seas, or to plan a short cruise on a big, newer ship like Navigator of the Seas?
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