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  1. Thanks for the reply KristiZ -- really appreciate it. I will be travelling with my DW and 4 more friends so there will be a total of 6 people. Really just want to see some sights, get a feel of the Japan culture, a bit of shopping and definitely some good food. We're on the slow and relaxing pace so no need to pack a large number of activities for the day (or two). I think there's a fish market nearby the pier but I don't think it's "walk-able" Also considering renting a car but most of the sites that I can find in the area seems to be in Japanese only and I do not know if the
  2. Currently booked on the Dec 10, 2020 Japan cruise on Spectrum OTS (and hoping that it will not be cancelled - fingers crossed). The ship will dock at the Nakagusuku Port - 中城湾 in Japanese) instead of Naha Port and I wonder if anyone had any past experience on this port. Please send any info, advice or local tour / car rental etc... Thanks in advance.
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