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  1. That was my thoughts as well. I don't think the cruise will happen and we plan to take a refund and then rebook for December but just waiting to see what they choose to do first. Even if it doesn't cancel I think we are still planning to cancel and take the FCC because one of our group is high risk and we can't take any chances.
  2. We are scheduled for a cruise on May 17, 2020 on the Oasis out of Cape Liberty Cruise Port. I know that we have barely missed the cutoff and there is a chance that we may still have our cruise cancelled but I am more concerned that if they don't cancel our cruise that we are leaving out of Cape Liberty. That area is being hit very hard with this virus and I am not sure I would want to go in that area in May. I wonder if the port doesn't open but the cruise is still on if they will divert and leave from another port or will they just cancel the cruise? Just random thoughts.
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