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  1. First of all, thank you very much to all the extremely helpful people on this site. It is very much appreciated. We are booked on the June 4th New England/Canada cruise on Adventure of the Sea. It is just my wife and myself. So, just a couple of excursion questions... - Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor, Maine) - Worth seeing? - Peggy's Cove (Halifax, Nova Scotia) - Worth seeing? - For both of these, is it necessary to book the RCI excursion? Or can you just catch an Uber/taxi at the dock to these locations and back? Thanks. ?
  2. New cruisers here. Question for the experts. We originally booked in November for the June 4 - 9 night New England/Canada cruise on Adventure of the Sea. We booked a Balcony guaranteed room, RCI picks room. All good. Today, I noticed the price dropped. So, I called and asked to re-book at today's lower price. We saved $440. However, now our receipt says "Stateroom Obstructed View Percentage : 25%". That wasn't on our old receipt. The representative never mentioned anything about an obstucted view. Does this being on our receipt mean we will definitely have an obstructed view? How obtrusive is a 25% obstruction? Should I call back since this wasn't discussed during rebooking? If you let RCI pick your room, are you always at risk of getting an obstructed view? Again, first timers here. Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.
  3. New cruisers here. Quick question for the experienced group. We are cruising on the Adventurer of the Sea in June. The Refreshment Package includes "premium coffees and teas" but doesn't elaborate any further. The Cafe Select Coffee Card is for "macchiato or latte and reenergize your afternoons with iced coffee or an espresso, then finish your meal with a cappuccino". So, does the "premium coffees and teas" of the Refreshment Package include latte, iced coffee, espresso, cappuccino, etc. ? Or are those only available via the Cafe Select Coffee Card (or a la carte)? Thank you very much.
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