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  1. Thanks guys! I was just confused, my family all 30 of us booked the Aug 9th Sailing. When we booked it it showed two different Balcony staterooms. One looked updated and the other original so i was just curious.
  2. Well thats good to know! i will get all the res numbers together and see if i can get it all in one group! That would help out so much.
  3. Does anyone know if the Staterooms on the freedom of the seas will also get upgrades and remodels when the ship goes into dry dock next month? Or is the revamp of the ship just for the public areas? Thanks!
  4. Well this is our second family cruise, and the second time i am handling everything. I must be crazy. We got a great deal on a southern Caribbean on the Freedom of the Seas and we jumped on it all reserving the guaranteed ocean view balcony and we let RCL pick the rooms for us. The group rates were actually more then the book individual rates. So we all booked on our own and in handling all the logistics haha. Thank you for your help tho, i will confirm this and we will know well before the final payment is due.
  5. Thank you So much Ashley! This is what i thought i just wanted to confirm i had the correct information. Its hard trying to wrangle 30 people. -_- Thank you!
  6. Hello Everyone, Im sorry if this question has been asked before. I am traveling with a big family group, we have about 10 staterooms. Here is the scenario, we have one triple room and one double room. One person in the double room might not be able to come. if i move the one person from the triple into the double in place of the one who cant come, will it bump up the price on the two people in the double since all rooms are priced at double occupancy? I know that third person will have to pay the difference moving into the double. I hope that wasn't confusing im sorry if it was, im not
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