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  1. Awesome, thank you so much for mentioning that page for wind forecasts...I just went and looked at it and it is super informative! I must ask...what am I looking at to help tell if it will be a rough cruise/cancel coco cay or not? If I click on the wind, what number it too high? Or what section should I be paying attention to? Thank you so much!
  2. First time cruiser here! We stop in Nassau and am looking at booking the Blue Lagoon excursion through RC. How do we get there? If we book through RC is our transport already set up too? I know we take a catamaran to the island...but do I need to set that up or it's included? When we walk off the ship where do we go to catch the catamaran ride? We are concerned with safety so just want to make sure we are all booked ahead of time so that we aren't trying to catch a random ride to this island :-) Also, do we just take American cash the day of this excursion for drinks/food/
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